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Ads are free to Cielo Grande residents.

Free To Good Home

All of us have it. Small stuff we don’t want anymore but is not worth selling and is too good to throw away. Large items we aren’t allowed to dump beside dumpsters in hopes someone claims them before the trash truck arrives. Your avocado green Tupperware collection. That recliner that no longer fits your living room. Clothing a few of sizes too big or small. 16 cans of cream of celery soup you’re never going to eat. The wrong style of Depends… Tell us what you want to give away and we’ll post it here. We can’t guarantee someone will come and get your items, but we can certainly help you announce them.

Services Offered

Do you weed lots? Clean homes? Fix broken garbage disposals? Dog or housesit? Haul trash? Build websites? Organize sheds? Or do anything else residents might need done? List what you do and your contact info here. We’ll do our best to get your information out to the community!

Housekeeper Excellent housekeeper. Long-time Cielo resident. References. Call Georgia for more info: (480) 527-7984

Handyman Home repairs, tilework, and light landscaping. Lives in park. References. Call Clay for more info.

Help Wanted

Looking for someone to weed your lot? Clean your home? Fix your garbage disposal? Sit your dog or house? Haul your trash? Build a website? Organize a shed? Or do anything else? List it here. We’ve got folks in the park who do all of those things, and much more!

Helping Hands

If you need a little help with something too big for your pocketbook, too taxing for your strength, or too far beyond your skill level, let us know. We can put out a clarion call for big hearted folks to come and lend you a hand. Think of it as an old time barn raising where members of the community come together to help a neighbor. Doing things that are truly meaningful for others is a privilege. Give our community a chance to help!

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